Gold Embellished Main Assembly 

The beauty of St Giles Traditional Weather Vanes is not skin deep, the quality runs right through. They contain a number of unique and unusual features. (All design rights are reserved)

Most other weather vanes are made from flat steel. Ours are cast in rustproof LM6 aluminium alloy. This makes possible an extremely elegant design with a unique interlocking ornamental central ball and an elegant indicator arm with scrolls and sculptured details with classic lettering. The vane heads are fully detailed castings from original woodcarvings.

Except for the hand painted heads, our weather vanes are finished in attractive super durable black polyester powder coated paint which is baked on at 200°C.

The low friction pivot assembly is designed for a long life and to promote free running. The stainless steel spindle is waisted to reduce the bearing area, it runs in a cast in brass bush and the vertical thrust is taken by a ball bearing.

To permit accurate vertical adjustment, necessary for unbiased rotation, the spindle is attached to the mounting bracket with a precision clamping ball joint - another unique feature.

All heads and all brackets fit all main assemblies and can be interchanged easily.

These weather vanes are solely produced by St Giles entirely in the UK by Wiltshire craftsmen.

Main assembies are supplied in a wooden presentation box.

Price excludes delivery: for rates see 'Delivery Information'.

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Gold Embellished Main Assembly

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