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Weather Vane Main Assembly

Made from die-cast aluminium for a rust-free and long life, your weather vane will arrive in its presentation box complete with N/S & E/W arms, indicator arrow, pivot assembly, fixing screws and fitting instructions.

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St Giles weather vanes Main Assembly

Unique Precision Clamping Ball Joint incorporates a stainless
steel spindle, brass bush and ball bearing for simple alignment
of your weather vane.


Purchase may also be made by telephone,
+44 (0)1225 707466, or by Post with payment by cheque, (please call for international delivery charges), address details are on our contact page.


Bespoke requirements

Please call us to discuss your special requirements.


St Giles Weather Vanes - Unique in the UK!

St Giles Traditional Weather Vanes are hand made in Britain by skilled tradesmen who appreciate the value of true craftsmanship.


We take pride in creating a product that combines the light, corrosion resistant qualities of aluminium with the beauty and elegance of traditional and contemporary weathervane designs. Because of our attention to detail and strict quality control, we are confident that your weathervane will give you a lifetime of pleasure.


A complete weather vane is comprised of three parts:

A VANE HEAD which is fixed by two socket screws to the indicator arrow of the MAIN ASSEMBLY which is in turn attached via a ball joint to a MOUNTING BRACKET.


All our vane heads are available in traditional black or beautiful hand painted enamel finishes.

By selecting the three components separately you can have exactly the weather vane you want and be able to install it quickly and easily.


At a Glance

  • Weathervanes are made from corrosion resistant and light LM6 aluminium.
  • Easy interchange of Weather Vanes for different seasons, special events etc.
  • Unique modular design allowing flexibility and ease of mounting.
  • All brackets finished in polyester powder coated paint baked at 200C for long life.
  • Unique low friction pivot assembly consisting of stainless steel spindle running in a cast brass bush with a ball bearing to take the thrust. Designed for long life and to promote free running.
  • Unique precision clamping ball joint to permit accurate vertical alignment.


Next Day Service is the default option for most of the UK, however for some destinations the service is two day delivery only, please see the 'Shipping and Returns' page for details.


For International orders, please first call for a shipping quote, when advised of the cost please proceed with your order via the PayPal Checkout (shipping will not be added to the order payment at this point). After completing payment for your purchases, please then make payment for the shipping via our 'Special Requirements' PayPal link at the foot of the
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Weather Vane Product Highlight



St Giles Weather Vanes - Barge, paintedMade from cast aluminium, your vane head will never rust and the hand painted enamel finish gives long lasting and bright colours. If you would like a particular colour for your vane head, we will try to accommodate you.


All vane heads are interchangeable so can be changed with the seasons or for special occasions such as St George’s day for example.



St Giles Weather Vanes - Fitting, gable endMade from sheet steel, our comprehensive range of mounting brackets will allow you to quickly and easily mount your weather vane in your desired position.


Special Fittings

If you need a special fitting we will do our best to manufacture it for you, but please be advised that you will always need the precision clamping ball joint.


Special Arrangements

For International Shipping charges, or special arrangements in respect of bespoke mounting brackets and fixtures it may be necessary to make a payment that is not calculated automatically by our on-line checkout. In these circumstances please first talk to us to agree required costs, and then use the link below to finalise the agreed payment. This arrangement enables St Giles Traditional Weather Vanes to offer a very flexible service designed to meet customer requirements beyond our 'off the shelf' product range.

Special arrangements payment facility:
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